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default Aalto University Summer School

Aalto University Summer School:
Nordic Biomaterials with CHEMARTS


As you know, our material world will change dramatically. The overuse of existing raw materials cannot continue, and global consumption must decrease. Aalto University Summer School’s two-week intensive course Nordic Biomaterials with CHEMARTS will teach
students how to combine design, advanced technology and material science to create sustainable materials.

During the course students will familiarise with materials that are processed either chemically or mechanically from trees or other plants, develop innovative ideas through hands-on prototyping and experimenting with materials, gain awareness of the main sustainability issues related to this field and learn how to scale the ideas towards innovations and

The workshop weeks consist of thematic lectures, hands-on working at the CHEMARTS lab, a visit to the Finnish nature and ideation of a material concept for the future individually or in pairs or teams’ says Professors Pirjo Kääriäinen and Tapani Vuorinen, responsible teachers for the course. They are answering questions about the course here.

A few places left

The Nordic Biomaterials with CHEMARTS course has four free spots and will take place on Aalto University campus in Espoo in August. Don't hesitate to share this course with your students. The course is worth 6 ECST.

Find more detailed information about Aalto University Summer School on our website. You can also find us on Facebook, LinkedIn and on Instagram!